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Overflying and handling Permits

Air Craft Aviation Services, The company backed by over Hundreds of Trained Agents and Operators Worldwide with a dedicated team of professionals is committed to safety, customer satisfaction and quality. Air Craft Aviation Services has the local knowledge and expertise to help reduce the inconveniences of International travel such as obtaining local permits, processing passengers and crew through customs and immigration, and arranging other services through third party suppliers. In addition, we adhere to strict operating and customer service standards that result in consistent, professional and personalized service at every location we serve.


  • Comprehensive above-the-wing, ground support, and below the wing services.
  • Arrangements made on our clients’ behalf with third party suppliers.
  • Ensuring all documents are handled and filed correctly, in a timely manner.
  • Aircraft parked and secured by trained aviation professionals.
  • Local staff members on hand to assist with direct routes through the city and other ground transportation needs.

Flight support services

  • ATC and ICAO flight plan filings.
  • Landing and overflight permits.
  • General declarations.
  • Arrival and departure cards

Crew and aircraft support services

  • Security arrangements for passengers, crew and aircraft
  • Catering and florist arrangements
  • Aircraft refueling arrangements
  • Ground transportation
  • Cabin cleaning
  • Local maintenance arrangements


  • Supervision of corporate and commercial jets in Pakistan, Afghanistan and worldwide
  • Coordination towards obtaining Civil Aviation Authority permits for technical stops/overflight/relief/cargo flights and tourist charters to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Worldwide
  • Provision of flight planning/weather forecast & NOTAMS prior to departure of the flight.
  • Complete coordination with Airports Authority of Pakistan, DGCA and Ministry of Defence
  • Obtaining slots for Landing/Take-off at airports in Pakistan mainly Karachi,Lahore,Islamabad, and at all airports of Pakistan.
  • Providing security services inside and outside the airport.
  • Liaison with the Provincial and Local Govt of Pakistan for all matters pertaining to security, customs, immigrations, health and tourism.
  • Provision of ground handling services for all types of aircrafts through authorized ground handling companies at any location in Pakistan, Afghanistan,UAE and worldwide .
  • Types of aircraft handling
    1. Business jets
    2. State VVIP/VIP flights
    3. Ambulance/relief flights
    4. Demonstration aircrafts
    5. Tourist charter flights
    6. Cargo aircrafts
  • Aircraft and helicopter charter services in Pakistan and worldwide at pre negotiated rates.
  • Arrangement of hotel accommodation, crew/passenger transport and tour packages at specially pre negotiated rates.
  • Coordination with In-flight catering facilities.
  • Coordination with refueling agencies.
  • Compilation of Civil Aviation Requirement and Aeronautical Information Services and class I and II NOTAMS.
  • Initiation/negotiation of long term ground handling agreements with handlers in Pakistan and worlwide.

We obtain specific permissions from DGCA for carrying dangerous goods by air as per UN numbers of the goods as notified by the operator and also ensure the packages as per ICAO norms.

Our experienced tours staff are deputed to assist in expeditious clearance of passengers and crew by making special transport arrangements and hotel accommodation.

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